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Firewire FRK Slater Design Surfboard

Firewire FRK Slater Design Surfboard
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Firewire FRK Slater Design Surfboard
Référence : FWSDFRK
In 2015 I was asked to shape Kelly a board for the first time.

I knew immediately what I wanted to make him.

I saw it all in my head immediately; from the bottom contour to the tail template. The way the volume would distribute through the width, the whole shape… It might actually be the most intuitive design I’ve ever done, probably because I’ve spent so many years both watching Kelly surf, and shaping boards.

As crazy as it sounds I was certain it would work for him. Totally certain.

The odd thing is, after sending him the board in 2015, I never heard from Kelly about how the board went, and I sort of just moved on to other stuff.

Then one afternoon in 2017 I got this stream of text messages one day about how Kelly was blowing up at Trestles on my board. It totally caught me off guard. Just text messages and phone calls flying in from everyone.

I sorted through everyone’s messages and learned that Kelly’s good friend from Flori
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